Engineering Services and Customer Care Services

In the interim, Novatis Teb Company’s dialysis and dialysis water treatment machines have been installed in over more than 200 dialysis centers in different cities. The company is indeed experienced in providing customer care and technical services and has obtained the highest evaluation record form Iranian Administration of Medical Equipment in dialysis equipment customer care services.

  • Providing consultancy and training on medical equipment application to hospitals’ nurses and supervisors of medical equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment and machinery in dialysis wards
  • Exclusive aftersales service provider of German dialysis water treatment systems (DWA)
  • Exclusive aftersales service provider of Italian dialysis machines (BELLCO) exclusively
  • Consultation, design and launching production lines of medical equipment
  • Maintenance services for production lines of medical equipment in compliance with ISO 13485 standard regulations

Special Package

Novatis Teb Company’s special package for technical services and dialysis equipment has a number of advantages including:

  • Implementing dialysis water treatment system, pre-treatment system and piping in compliance with AAMI RD 62
  • Supplying and equipping the most advanced and high-tech dialysis machinery
  • Implementation of the central dry solution with supplying required powder
  • Exclusive representative of Bellco’s dialysis machines
  • Consulting, designing, and implementing dialysis equipment
  • Provision of dialysis disposables with special discounts
  • Providing maintenance services for medical equipment production lines in compliance with ISO 13485

In case of providing this package for dialysis centers, it will be offered under specific circumstances Based on the type of contract and on the number of required equipment, some of the advantages of this package are as follows:

  • Free dialysis bed.
  • Free maintenance services for all equipment
  • Leasing agreement for dialysis units